Founder & MD Greetings

We have a reputation for being a very happy and nurturing family school. Learning takes place in a conducive learning classrooms taught by our talented and experienced teaching staff whose commitment I can truly say is second to none. The HWSS is a Sister school to Haradali Primary school, and it started mainly to address the need of a secondary school after successful completion of Primary school NECTA's PSLE. The School is fully registered and its a boarding only school

Simon Severua Kaaya | Managing Director

HWSS Administration Block A1
From the Headmistress

Our vision is to forge strong, positive connections with students so they can achieve independence, build confidence, and gain academic knowledge. So far we have managed to perform well in all these years so far. We have one of the best CSEE records in the region and most of our graduating classes perform better in A Levels or colleges.


One of our core values is discipline. The school observes a doctrine adhering to high discipline standards at all times at the school. The school has a 0 tollerance policy to disciplinary issues. We forge academics with a well standard discipline.

Sports and Games

The school has various grounds for various sports ground and various sports activities and tournaments to help students unlock their talents as well as a refreshment mechanism.